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LVR requires additional training and equipment beyond the usual OB-Gyn training, I am often asked why I chose to pursue it.  It was not a sudden decision, but a gradual recognition of the need for this specialized service. I started my career doing routine obstetrics and gynecology, from which I received a lot of satisfaction from - one of the GREATEST feelings of satisfaction is being the first person who touches a new life, as I do when delivering a baby.  But after having the pleasure of doing over 3,000 deliveries, I have also seen the results of what childbirth has done physically to many women. Issues of sexual dysfunction, incontinence, pain, dissatisfaction with physical appearance and function are so common, and traditional approaches were often incomplete or inadequate. I wanted so much to be able to do more for my patients. I researched the best place to train for reconstructive procedures that enhanced my pre and post-pregnancy patients, as well as my aging patients. This led me to train with Dr. David Matlock (pioneer of the LVRIA) at the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute in Beverly Hills. Among the unique services offered are vaginal rejuvenation; laser labial reduction and augmentation that beautify the external female genitalia.  I found that LVRIA that was actively doing and perfecting the kinds of procedures that many of my patients would benefit from.


Each woman has her own goal for how she would like to look and feel. The primary sexual organ for a woman is her brain. If a woman is uncomfortable with her genitalia that will adversely effect her sexual functioning, and most women do not realize that they can do something about it.  


Many women tell me they don't want the small labia getting in the way when placing a tampon or hormonal ring inside, getting caught in clothing, or during sex.  Nor do they like sensation of pressure, from vaginal bulges, or passing gas through the vagina due to the laxity (widening) of the vagina, which also results in a diminished sensation during intercourse.  Many women do want to enjoy sex, as much as men do. They also want to feel comfortable, both physically & psychologically. The mission of the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute is to empower women with the knowledge, choice, and alternatives when it comes to their sexual well being.